destroy ALL the gender!

this one’s for my trans* lovelies.

*   *   *

today’s agenda: spoliate gender!  mwahaHAhaaAAHaahaa!

that’s right, my trans*/queer lovelies!  all those self-righteous cis people with their fucking “acceptable” genders have giggled their last!  we can win!

all we have to do is apply for “sex-unspecified” canadian passports; the canadian government will issue thousands of non-gendered passports to us and we will be the new “normal!”  mwahahaaaHAaaaaHAAAAAaaaA!  in the world-wide panic this will cause, all gender will be completely erased!  if we can’t have “normal” genders– nobody can!

(cuz that’s the only reasonable explanation why anyone would want a “sex-unspecified” passport; to undermine the validity of other people’s gender .)


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